Versa Construction Limited


From concept to completion. Versa Construction has developed an impressive reputation through our design-build services. Here, we will meet with the client to discuss their needs and requirements; then we will develop an inventive building solution that takes all these elements into account. Throughout this process, Versa Construction will partner up with the client and work in unison with them to ensure every aspect of their vision is realized - from the schedule to budget to the industry specifications and standards our client operates in.

Construction Management

Although very exciting, the construction process can sometimes seem overwhelming. As a construction manager, Versa Construction will partner with our client to ease potential burdens and guide them throughout the process to ensure every decision they make is the best one. Under construction management, Versa Construction will work with our clients through every phase of development. Through strategic management, leadership and expertise, Versa Construction will deliver our client's project to completion.

General Contracting

For clients who have completed the process of conceptualization and detailed design, Versa Construction can transform that image into a tangible, successful enterprise. Versa Construction has developed a strong reputation as a fresh and impartial member within the construction industry. Because of this, we are able to ensure maximum efficiency and quality from all trades and suppliers. We will manage the construction sequence proactively and steer it clear of issues and straight to success. Versa Construction will achieve results for our clients - competitively, proactively, and with precision.


Pre-construction is the most critical and opportunistic phase of the building process. Under this service Versa Construction will work with the client to create and tailor a comprehensive plan specific to their unique building needs. This plan will help maximize opportunities for the clients, reduce margins for error and ensure all ergonomic and aesthetic specifications are met. Our pre-construction services also include developing a project budget, creating an efficient and proactive schedule, and providing a detailed construction sequence which will ensure the building process remain positive and on target.

Specialized Forming

Versa Construction Limited has designed and built many complex pits to house some of the most advanced machinery in North America. Through our experience, we have developed innovative techniques that enable us to fast-track the most advance concrete pits and heavy machinery foundations.

Post Delivery Support - Facility Management

When you invest in Versa Construction, your investment spans the long term. Versa Construction stands by every building we build by providing post delivery support upon project completion. Our Facility Management Division was developed to ensure our client's building enterprises get the maintenance support they require 5, 10 or 25 years after their building has been built.

Interiors and Alterations

Versa Construction's expertise spans beyond functionality and production to refinement and beauty. We have a keen eye for aesthetic design and craftsmanship, and will work with our clients to ensure their desired interior corresponds to their targeted budget and schedule.