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Our Commitment

If you have made your way to this page it is likely because your company has decided to embark on a new and exciting business venture. Whether to expand your current business or start anew, Versa Construction recognize this venture is often met with a degree of risk and uncertainty. At Versa Construction we will work for you, alongside you, to mitigate these risks and focus on attaining the opportunities every building enterprise presents.

From concept to completion, this is our commitment.

Contractual Arrangements

Versa Construction Limited operates, and provides services, under various contractual arrangements. Enhanced through trust and partnership, these arrangements can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Stipulated Price

Stipulated price is the most common and conventional form of contractual arrangement. Here, the client will enter into agreement with Versa Construction to carry out the contract at a competitive, pre-determined and fixed price.

Cost Plus

A contractual arrangement where the client has control over costs and is able to ensure a steady flow of the project from a financial standpoint. Versa will provide services to the client at the actual cost of the service plus an agreed-upon fee for overhead and profit. Under industry practices this type of arrangement is also know as ‘open book’.

Unit Price

Under this contractual arrangement, the client and Versa Construction agree upon a pre-determined, fixed price for individual units of work. The total price of the construction enterprise is determined by multiplying the fixed unit price by the actual measured quantity of work that needs to be performed for each individual unit.

Target Cost

The client enters into agreement with the Versa Construction whereby the cost to deliver the final product is pre-determined to a target price. If the actual cost is below target price, the difference is split between client and contractor at a predetermined ratio - thereby intriguing value engineering.

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